For this season of the Neiman Marcus Art of Fashion, model Xiao Wen Ju became both muse and artist as she played the part of painter, writer, musician, and dancer for photographer Yvan Fabing. We framed our film through the eyes of two principals from the New York City Ballet, brought in to help choreograph and add authenticity to Xiao Wen’s role as dancer, and who ultimately reflect the collaboration between all the artists involved.

Robert Fairchild
Tiler Peck

Photographer: Yvan Fabing
Agency: Bennett.Elia
Stylist: Alex Carl
Hair: Peter Gray
Make-up: Georgi Sandev
Production Designer: Jessie Kaufmann
Model: Xiao Wen Ju

Director: Joe Turner Lin
Editors: Joe Turner Lin, Jason Wood

Running Time: 04:30 minutes

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